Companies focus on high-tech R & D team building, adhere to the introduction of talent and training work, in order to constantly stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and ensure the sustained innovation ability of enterprises. At present, the company has a highly skilled and experienced professional R & D team, the team size of 50 people, accounting for about 20% of the total number of workers. Members of the team are above college education, undergraduate graduates accounted for more than 70%, specializing in automation control, electronic information engineering, communications engineering, computer software.
     At the same time, the company‘s annual investment of not less than 5% of sales revenue to carry out R & D projects, and maintain long-term academic exchanges and close cooperation with domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, security companies to grasp the dynamic development of the new technology, and apply to the products, with customers about energy saving and environmental protection, health, fashion, intelligent theme product demand.
     Embodied technology development efforts, especially in the home appliance display module assembly, high iron lattice application market, intelligent parking lot and gate system, elevator display application development and industrial automation product development mature experience. The development channel directly to the terminal market to inspire and trends, in the development of solutions to customers in order to achieve efficient and fast.