• Description:
  • •Usage: Indoor
  • •Tube Chip Color: bi-color/white
  • •Pixels: p2.5mm and others
  • •Screen Dimension: 20mm*20mm 
  • •brightness: 200-600MCD
  • •Life span: 50000hours

KERUN offers a full range of through hole and surface mount LED digital displays. Customers are free to choose chip on board, chip bonding and wire bonding, epoxy type, SMD LED and air type,etc. The displays come either in industry standard size packages and pinouts or special designed per customer’s requirement.

Why choose KeRun?

1. Best Quality

---THREE times of inspection on all products on production:

Step 1: Raw Material check

Step 2: Process check and full inspection after wire bonding&chip bonding

Step 3: full test before packaging and partial check before shippment

2. Best Price


---best suppliers sources

---all products by oneself

3.Company strength

---good quality&competitive price

---Listed company

---Factory of over 300 workers, with many Auto-machines under advanced ERP management

---Management System: ISO 9001:2008

4.Quick delivery

7-10Working Days to design a new product.

5.Rich experiences

---Over 20 years experiences in Led display field.

---Long-term relationships with GREE,Media,Panasonic,chigo,TCL,

Samsung,Kone Elevators,Hisense,etc 

Types available of led dot matrix module

  Diameter Pixel pitch
Type1 1.9mm 2.5mm
Type2 2.5mm 3mm
Type3 3mm 4mm
Type4 square hole 4mm
Type5 3.75mm 4.75mm
Type6 2.8mm square 4.75
Type7 4.8mm 6mm
Type8 5mm 7.62mm


1. All Dimensions are in millimeters(inches).

2. Tolerance is±0.25mm(0.01”) unless specially noted.

3. Iv(cd/m2) Brightness values come from the test equipments in KR company 


·Module Resolution for reference :8*8,5*7,8*5 etc.  

·Pixel Configuration:single color,bi-color,tri-color

·Pixel Pitch for choose:P2.5mm.P4mm.P4.75mm,P6mm,P7.62mm

·Meet ROHS standards.


• LED Display in Bus station &Metro station.

• Information display in Bank,super-market,school,hospital and other place

• Automotive advertising screen.

• Information screen in Electrically operated gate.

We supply many other products With good quality and favorable price led display.

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2.custom led display

3.LED dot matrix

4.LED unit board

5.SMD 7 segment led display

6.LED semi-outdoor display screen

7.You think it,we make it!