•Usage: Indoor
•Tube Chip Color: single color
•Pixels: p4.0mm
•Screen Dimension: 32mm*32mm
•pixel diameter: 3.0mm
•module resolution: 8*8
•pixel pitch: 4mm
•Life span: 100000hours
• comply with ROHS requirements

KERUN offers a full range of through hole and surface mount LED digital displays. Customers are free to choose chip on board, chip bonding and wire bonding, epoxy type, SMD LED and air type,etc. The displays come either in industry standard size packages and pinouts or special designed per customer’s requirement.

·Module Resolution for reference:8x8,5x7,8x5 etc. 
·Pixel Configuration:single color,bi-color,tri-color
·Pixel Pitch for choose:P4mm.P4.75mm,P6mm,P7.62mm
---Including single color,bi-color and full color

Types available of 5x7 led dot matrix display

  Diameter Pixel pitch
Type1 1.9mm 2.5mm
Type2 2.5mm 3mm
Type3 3mm 4mm
Type4 square hole 4mm
Type5 3.75mm 4.75mm
Type6 2.8mm square 4.75
Type7 4.8mm 6mm
Type8 5mm 7.62mm

 5x7 led dot matrix display 5x7 led matrix

 • LED Display in Bus station &Metro station.

• Information display in Bank,super-market,school,hospital and other place

• Automotive advertising screen.

• Information screen in Electrically operated gate.

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Application for Standard LED Digital Displays

Temperature controllers;Test and measurement instrumentation;Power converters;

Home appliance displays;Automotive and avionic instrumentation;Fuel pump displays;Digital panel meters;Cable set-top boxes;Electronics displays;Gaming machines;Point of sale terminals;Answering machines;Exercise equipment.

Application for Custom LED Digital Displays

1.Industrial Equipment:Industrial ovens, reliability test equipment, analytical instruments, process control equipment, test and measuring instruments, temperature controllers, programmable logic controllers, security systems

2.Networking:Telecommunication equipment, answering machines, telephones, base stations, PBX modems, network cards

3.Outdoor Signs

4.Petrol pump meters

5.Consumer:Audio/video equipment, audio mixers, set top boxes, amplifiers, musical instruments, gaming machines, currency/coin counters, security systems

6.Consumer “White Goods”:Displays for washing machine digital panels, cookers, freezers and dishwashers

7.Medical Equipment,Hospital monitoring systems


9.Displays, radar detectors, avionics displays

10.Computers and Peripherals:CPU speed indicator, printer front panels, fax machines, copy machines, power supply equipment, cash registers