Strengthening service function, leading LED industry high-end
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    In November 2010, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology according to the development of LED industry, how to strengthen and improve the management of the Guangdong LED industry and services, to set up Industry Association of semiconductor light source in the light of its general trend, and to help the service and management of LED industry, LED industry embarked on a road of healthy development. In the past two years, Guangdong science and Technology Department has been using the association to promote the work of the LED industry How does the semiconductor light source industry association of Guangdong province serve and manage the development of LED industry in Guangdong province around the opinions of Guangdong provincial science and technology department and the articles of association? The day before, we interviewed on issues related to science and Technology Department of Guangdong province and Guangdong province semiconductor lighting industry association official.
Build bridges and highlight the functions of the Association
     The development of LED industry in Guangdong province is very fast, it is China‘s LED industry forefront, is the first major LED industry of the province worthy of the name. As a result of this emerging industry with high technology content and rapid development characteristics, in 2011, the total value of LED industry in Guangdong exceeded 150 billion yuan, double the previous year. It is understood that the current LED industry in the province has more than 3000 enterprises, employing 550 thousand people, driven by employment of 2 million 200 thousand people. This continuous double growth of supernormal speed is unexpected. Of course, this trend of development is mainly due to the high attention of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the provincial government. It comes from the high-end operation and top-level design of the Guangdong provincial science and technology department.
As director, Guangdong province science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, the semiconductor light source Industry Association honorary president Li Xinghua noted, "since 11th Five-Year", science and Technology Department of Guangdong province will be the LED industry as a high-tech industry to be the focus of support. In the "12th Five-Year" plan, the LED industry has "promoted" as a major strategic emerging industry in Guangdong province. The Provincial Department of science and technology not only in the macro development association and the top-level design has made specific guidance, but also specially arranged a familiar semiconductor light source industry, familiar with the LED operation of the high-end industry deputy director Ye Jingtu is concentrating on the development of LED work.
      Qiu Xianyang, President of the semiconductor light source industry association, said, "we are confident in grasping the LED industry.". However, the province‘s LED industry how to develop healthily, our ability to solve this problem is limited. But deputy director Ye Jingtu charge of the work, and look far ahead from a high plane sharply pointed out the problems existed in the development of LED industry problems. And put forward the solution to this problem. Ye Jingtu said, the rapid development of the LED industry, we realized that such a problem: the past that kind of simple administration, has been difficult to adapt to the needs of the development of LED industry. We must improve the management of the industry and raise the level of service. We should establish a bridge and link between the government and the enterprises, the market and the enterprises, and between the enterprises and enterprises.
Accordingly, after full brewing and preparation, in November 9, 2010, the Guangdong semiconductor light source industry association was formally established. The association led by the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Guangdong Province, the first member unit of the Guangdong Provincial Association of lighting, flat panel display industry association Guangdong, Foshan Research Institute of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan semiconductor lighting industry association, Dongguan KingSun Au Optronics Co, Shenzhen LED Industry Association, Heshan Silver Rain Lighting Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Hongli Au Optronics Co, Dongguan pixchip Semiconductor Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Saixi photoelectric detection standard Research Institute Co. Ltd., Guangzhou City, Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment Co. Ltd., Foshan electrical and lighting Limited by Share Ltd and other 13 units, by the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology for the business unit in charge. "
     For the function of the association, Ye Jingtu made a systematic exposition. He said, as the province‘s LED industry organizations and social organizations, the Guangdong semiconductor light industry association has four functions of organization, coordination, service and supervision. In the organization, the association of non administrative institutions has a unique role, according to the articles of association to develop, enhance their ability to withstand market risks, and safeguard the common economic interests of enterprises, standardize the market behavior, market allocation of resources. In the coordination function, the association as a representative of the industry as a whole, can use their overall strength, and better deal with and coordinate all kinds of relations, thereby reducing the operating costs of individual enterprises, improve efficiency. In the service function, the association can provide various market information for the member unit, the government and other agencies, to provide legal advice and services, trade disputes coordination and arbitration, held the product information publishing and marketing, business training and so on. In terms of regulatory functions, as the association has a certain authority in the industry, it can generally participate in the formulation of the industry policies and regulations, and has a certain level of regulation and management.
    According to the needs of the development of Guangdong LED industry and the basic functions of the association, the Guangdong semiconductor light source industry association has put forward the service tenet of "serving the society, serving the industry, serving the government and serving the enterprise". At the same time, 10 major functions are also designed. Mainly has: reflect the aspirations and demands of members to the relevant government departments, for the use of government funds, the project development fund to assist members to solve problems encountered in the development and maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises, build communication platform of government; coordination of industry internal and external relations, improve Guangdong province semiconductor light source industry self-discipline, promote fair competition, safeguard industry interests, coordination of social resources, enhance the competitiveness of member groups, related organization and coordination, development and domestic and international standards of intellectual property rights, etc., to carry out