New channel construction of LED industry
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     The new channel construction of LED industry is moving toward the stage of industrial integration and development
Abstract: all forces enterprises to re-examine their existing channels in the LED era problems and shortcomings, explore new channel model, and explore new directions for development. In the lighting industry, some forward-looking LED enterprises started earlier in this area, but also achieved good results. After the investment boom, price war and shuffle tide, the LED industry is moving towards the era of industrial integration. With the support of the national policy and the demand of the downstream market, China‘s LED industry has developed rapidly, forming a relatively complete LED industry chain system from upstream chips, extensions to the middle reaches and downstream applications. After the ups and downs of China‘s LED industry in 2012, in the "market chaos" and "policy landscape" in the dual situation, ushered in the 2013 new pattern.LED lighting products, not only brought more changes, led to changes in the channel model of the powerful impact to turn the world upside down, the traditional lighting has been adopted in the form of sales; LED is a new technology, has the characteristics of professional, channel mode in the past can not fully meet the needs of development. All this forced enterprises to re-examine their existing channels in the LED era problems and shortcomings, explore new channel model, and explore new directions. In the lighting industry, some forward-looking LED enterprises started earlier in this area, but also achieved good results.
      However, channel change is not an easy task. Although it is imminent, it is still difficult to implement, and the transition from tradition to new style will take a long time, and in the meantime, the traditional model will be the theme. But when the LED lighting to the advanced stage of continuous development, the market is constantly mature, the channel changes will no longer be difficult.
       1., the traditional distribution agent system is still the mainstream channel model: through the table, we can see that the 6 traditional lighting channel model has advantages and disadvantages, which channel should be adopted, depending on the specific circumstances of the enterprise. Zhongshan Linc Crystal Lighting Co. Ltd. area director Zhang Wen told reporters: "enterprises should not blindly follow the trend, according to their own characteristics, go their own direction, choose the suitable channels to their long-term development." The dealership is the main channel of traditional lighting era, most of them through the distribution and agency distribution channels to sell their products, such as NVC, OPPLE and other traditional strong brands, so far is still relying on the traditional agency model as compared to the other channel, channel model, distribution agent model is more conducive to product outlets layout.
He Rongbiao, President of Jason lighting, also said that the traditional distribution system is still the mainstream channel model. Guangdong huge ho Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. marketing director Wu Jian told reporters, now, LED lighting is still the biggest channel to the original retail based, with traditional channels basically similar. The first store marketing mode of the NVC will LED sales channels and traditional lighting channels combined, in the consolidation of global retail terminal system at the same time actively the development of stealth channels, it also shows that blindly to the traditional channels is not enough, the conflict of traditional lighting and LED lighting, LED lighting will be the impact of channel reform. "The traditional lighting of the past are to the retail terminal products, in addition to large projects, now the LED products is mainly in the retail, in the hardware store, store partition as long as there is a shop where, as long as you can put some of the panels, LED products. Visible, the current LED products due to the development of time is short, the development is not perfect, in the "LED channels change" under the call, perfect change still needs a long way to go." Zhang Wen says so.
       2. branch of the transition mode is the channel change attempt: in the transformation of LED lighting channel mode is still in the initial stage, enterprises have spontaneously began to self built channels, they often use the traditional lighting channel advantages, cultivating new dealers and the common development of the era of LED lighting, a lot of enterprises to implement the branch mode, to defend themselves in the market position. Jason lighting as an example, Jason lighting in 2011 began to branch, invested heavily, set up terminal flagship store, warehouse and modern office, independent management of all branches of independent accounting, by Jason‘s guidance, directly facing the region for the front edge of the terminal network.
Thus, the branch model not only reduces the level of the channel, but also realizes the goal of allowing more downstream distributors, allowing consumers to enjoy more price benefits.
At the same time, it is also conducive to manufacturers and the terminal consumer market information between the more effective delivery, improve manufacturers‘ ability to control channels.
      3., professional service providers or LED channel model new way: through interviews and analysis, we can see that at present is still in the initial stage of LED lighting development. At this stage, how to find the channel change is many LED companies need to think about the problem, but the construction and development of LED enterprises should not be confined to the traditional lighting channels, according to the characteristics of its innovative and flexible design and actively explore related products and channels of cooperation and new business models. When it comes to channel mode of new development direction, Tsinghua Tongfang lighting division Liu Tong believes that the cooperation of traditional channels and electronic business the best way is to take the online sales and online services, the traditional channels as the electricity supplier logistics and experience center, and electricity supplier as the traditional channels of trade and promotion to segment the product through the window, to distinguish the market, this is the trend of LED development of the electricity supplier channels, I believe the effect will be more obvious in this way.
In this regard, Wu Jian also expressed the same view: "the combination of online and offline channels is one of the future directions of the lighting age channel model."."
     There is no doubt that, after the investment boom, price war and shuffle tide, the LED industry is moving toward the era of industrial integration. Industry experts predict that in 2013 the LED market will usher in more brutal competition and fighting, while industry development will become more rational, China‘s LED industry pattern will continue to adjust and change in the process of industrial development. In order to meet the advanced stage of LED products, the new channel model will be more advanced. Dou Linping of secretary-general of Chinese illume institute thinks, LED illume is professional very strong, a lot of users do not understand, perhaps future LED illume needs