The importance of word of mouth to LED lighting enterprises
Time: 2017-06-15 Reads: 1402 Edit: Admin
     Word of mouth, corporate reputation, reflects the enterprise‘s comprehensive strength in the industry; good reputation, indicating that good service, good quality, leading technology; bad reputation, the surface of this enterprise will die. Branch Run photoelectric from the early establishment of enterprises to clear the development of enterprises is to establish a good reputation in the industry; because of this vision, the company can thrive in the past few years, becoming the industry‘s benchmarking enterprises.
     The development of LED lighting has led to the issue of "word of mouth" on the agenda, but it is precisely because LED as a new type of lighting products, consumers mostly do not understand the situation. Some of the "parallel" to the hands of consumers, resulting in disappointment and wait-and-see LED.
Not long ago, friends on the Internet to buy lights, see a brand of LED lights in the activities, and asked me about the LED lamps, and mentioned the Brand Company, I no doubt reply: "no problem, you buy it."!" Before long, my friend said the light was out of order and I checked it online. It turned out that the so-called brand store no longer exists.
      My heart shocked, modern network communications developed society, such true word-of-mouth still in the end how much? When we used to see too many false things, but found a lot of true reputation is almost drowned by false reputation. Most people believe in the power of brands, but this power has been misinterpreted by corporations as overwhelming advertising, grandiose packaging, and novel concepts.
      In the LED industry, the product itself is very important, because the product is directly related to the consumer‘s eye contact, consumers were different, means more unpredictable, once ignored one of the links caused consumers to experience is not ideal, will bring great losses to the products and brands. The novelty of the appearance has become in recent years, LED products chasing direction, a variety of techniques, design of components are sought after, so the various components of the "science news" also came out, companies seem to find marketing methods, but always ignored the real experience of consumers, when consumers are buying products fudge once, and imagine a discrepancy, second purchase and consumer loyalty would be formed, such a vicious spiral, who bear the responsibility?
      A LED lamp can be sustained by consumers, do not rely on excessive packaging, publicity (as it is for its upfront sales and popularity influence), but the product quality, reputation is really to product quality for reference. True good products can be sustained by genuine word of mouth. And true reputation is mainly reflected in the recommendation of real-life friends, reputation in this area is generally more true, but also consumers are more willing to accept and trust. On the other hand, should we look back at the companies that have been developing products behind the scenes? They would rather spend ten dollars on the product, rather than spend a penny in the grandiose what letter, what should not believe, our hearts should have a steelyard. As a LED enterprise is particularly important.