Tube Chip Color: white
Pixels: 20mm
Screen Dimension: customized
Color: white
working temperature: -40℃~80℃
Life span: 100000hours
Digits: 6 digits
Certificate: CE ROHS
Product Description

1. Specification of led digital diplay


1).  7 segments led display

2).   6 digits

3).color options: high brightness red,olivine,yellow,amber,blue,pure gree

4).working temerature :-40°C-80°C

5).polarity :common anode or common cathode

6).other digit size based on 3 digits: 0.25 inches,0.28 inches,0.31 inches,0.36 inches,0.39 inches,0.40inches,0.52 inches,0.56inches,0.80inches . Customization  welcome!

7).other types: 1 digit, 2 digit, 3 digits , 4 digis, 8 digits etc.  ustomization available.

2. Features of led digital diplay


1).Low consumption.Working under low voltage and current .


2).High brightness,short response time,high frequency.

3).Small size,lightweight,earsy soldered,great impack resistance.

4).Solid state encapsulation,good stability .

5).Long life span,more than 50,000 hours .

6).Great display effect,big viewing angle.

3. Various types based on digit quantity (OEM &ODM available)

Types Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Digit quantity 1 digit 2 digits 3 digts 4 digits